Art of the Jump

What is the Art of the Jump?

The 3 steps of taking action

We have a problem that most of us are not aware of. 

Too much information is available! Problem? We do not take action!

The internet gives us an array of endless information. This keeps us browsing, acquiring “important” knowledge. However, we fall short on the taking action part, the “jumping”.

Why do we fall short on taking action?

I noticed that most of us think they need to have a certain “amount of knowledge” in order to start working on their goal. Yet, you acquire most of the knowledge and skills when actually taking action. 

You will never know everything and it is a continuous process of learning on the go! The most important step is the first step…as cliche as it might sound. 

This is what Art of the Jump is all about. A website with videos and tools to help you with your first jump!

The 3 Steps of Taking Action ("Jumping")

1. Decide to Jump
Decide and write down what your goal is and why you want to achieve it. This will give you clarity and make yourself accountable.
“What get’s written down, get’s done”
2. Plan
Divide you goal into Mini-Goals. This will make the overall goal seem less daunting and more achievable. Do not forget to put your Mini-Goals in your calendar
3. Jump
Get momentum by taking continuous action. Every week / end of month evaluate your past actions and make corrections to your plan. This will ensure you learn from your past and adjust when needed.

YES, send me the tools that help me reach my goals

Going to jump? That’s why I specifically designed the Action Course to assist you with your first steps. This FREE course will provide you with the necessary tools and assist you in taking action towards your goals. 

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